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Free Weights Stand

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Keeping your weights in a free weights stand will protect your weights, the floor, and you. They help get weights up off the floor, minimizing the risk of injuries from tripping. They help organize the weights in a clean and attractive manner, making better use of gym space for working out. It is also much easier to find a particular weight you are looking for when they are stored in an organized fashion. It is much easier to keep up a workout routine when you are not having to spend time searching for equipment!

When purchasing a free weights stand, consider not only the weights you currently have, but the ones you plan to add to your collection. If you know that you will be buying additional weights, then make sure that you purchase a stand that will hold all of them. If you have weights of different shapes and sizes, such as dumbbells and weight plates, you may want to consider multiple stands designed specifically for those types of weights.

At American Fitness, we have a great selection of affordable free weights stands for use in home gyms, commercial fitness centers, and health clubs. We have dumbbell racks, kettlebell racks, weight plate trees, Olympic bar holders, and even medicine ball racks. We offer one-stop shopping for high quality weight training equipment to meet every level of fitness. Need help choosing? Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day to help you get the gear you need.