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Yoga Stretching Strap
Gaiam Sol Premium Yoga Strap
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Pilates Anywhere Anytime
SPRI Pilates Anywhere Anytime
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Yoga and Pilates have a lot in common, as well as some differences. Pilate routines are centered on 6 basic principles: centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow. These same principles can be found integrated within Yoga routines. The differences lie within the emphasis or focus of each discipline. Pilate routines tend to focus on strength, while yoga routines tend to focus on stretching. With this said yoga routines do help build strength, while Pilate routines also have the benefit of stretch. The bottom line is that both Pilates and Yoga are great ways to build your core strength and develop long, lean muscles.  They also have the benefit of helping to create a peaceful mind. Consider adding Pilates to your free weight training program. You may also find Yoga beneficial to your cross-training program. At we carry everything you need for Yoga and Pilate routines.