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Man with Barbell Free Weights for Sale

Free Weights For Sale

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Free weights for sale” may sound like a contradictory statement, but by “free”, we are referring to dumbbells and other weights not attached to a weight machine! Alright, so perhaps that was obvious, but what may not be so obvious is the wide range of free weights available to choose from. If you are just starting a weight training routine, it important to understand all of the different types of exercise equipment that fall into this category.

Free weights come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and weights. Small, hand-held free weights, such as dumbbells, are a great choice for home exercise equipment. They are typically sold in individual weights or as part of a set. Kettlebells are another type of small hand-held weights that have become trendy at many gyms. Other types of free weights include barbells, Olympic plates, and weighted bars. No matter which form of weights you choose, it is a good idea to have on hand a range of weights for different exercises, and to be able to challenge yourself as you become stronger. American Fitness has all of these different types of equipment in many of the top brands, including Troy, USA Fitness, and Body-Solid.

When purchasing weights, be sure to pay attention to product descriptions. They can be sold individually, in pairs, or as part of a set, so you want to make sure you are getting what you expect and need. To expand the number of exercises that you can do with them, consider adding a weight bench. Good starting choices include a flat bench or adjustable bench. They provide a good, stable surface to support your body in using your equipment. While they can be somewhat heavy, due to their heavy duty structure, most are moveable and can be pushed out of the way to free up space for other activities when you are not exercising.

When you shop with us at American Fitness, you will find that we have a variety of free weights for sale at competitive prices. Browse our online store or contact one of our friendly customer service representatives for help in choosing the right free weights for you.