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Yoga Mats

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The most basic pieces of exercise equipment for yoga are yoga mats. Whether you do slow and gentle Hatha yoga, more movement and flow-oriented Vinyasa yoga, or one of the many other types of yoga, a mat is likely to be your most valued piece of exercise equipment. Yoga mats are sometimes called sticky mats, since they both "stick" to the floor and provide a non-slip surface for sweaty palms and feet. In crowded classes, they can help stake out your space for your workout. Perhaps most importantly, they provide a soft suface for doing poses, especially those on your back, chest, knees, or elbows.

Some fitness centers and studios have yoga mats on hand for class participants, but most people prefer to bring their own. Mats can get covered in sweat, making them less appealing to share. Mats also come in different sizes and thicknesses. While one person may prefer a thin mat, others prefer larger sizes with a higher amount of cushion. Carrying bags and straps make it more convenient to roll up mats and carry them back and forth to class.

At American Fitness, we carry a selection of yoga mats, as well as other yoga accessories, such as balance balls, foam blocks, and foam rollers. If you need help choosing, view product descriptions in our online store or contact one of our customer service representatives. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help.