Xebex AirPlus Runner Smart Connect

AirPlus Runner Smart Connect
AirPlus Runner Smart Connect
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The Xebex AirPlus Runner Smart Connect is a non-motorized, self-generated, curved treadmill. Using no electricity, and instead running on the energy produced by the runner's own movement on the treadmill. Beginners and competitors can run at desired speed and change output at will with no maximum or minimum speed setting. Further, the AirPlus Lever allows user to adjust resistance from Level 1 up to Level 8 for added resistance. Use our multi-grip handlebar to mimic sled drives in various handle grip options. Our 10mm thick, low-impact, shock-absorbing, vulcanized rubber running surface provides the runner with more comfort and less impact during long distance runs. Proven to burn 30% more calories than traditional, motorized treadmills. The user can adjust between 8 levels of resistance for a more intense workout and mimic a sled push or pull.

Built with HIIT (high intensity interval training) in mind, The Xebex Runner console keeps you informed on your Time, Calories burned, Distance, Speed, Watts, RPM, and Pace, with a number of heart-rate and interval programs available. Compatible with a variety of mobile fitness apps for your smartphone as well as group leaderboard software.

Smart Connect Ecoystem
The easy-to-use console features Smart Connect connectivity which allows users to connect our Smart Connect equipment console to a variety of 3rd party apps. For more information on our Smart Connect Ecosystem, please click here to see compatible apps/softwares.

The Xebex Runner is manufactured and assembled in Taiwan using high-quality components from Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan.

We've designed the Xebex Runner to require less maintenance and be easier to maintain than comparable competitor models. We use 4x Pillow Block Bearings where others use Ball Bearings. With the Xebex Runner, you can change the Pillow Block Bearings in under 5 minutes without removing any parts from the internal frame. Compared to competitor designs, the internal frame will need disassembly in order to access the interior bearings which equates to over 4 hours of labor.

  • Industry Leading Console and Software
  • 114x total Bearings including 4x Pillow Block Bearings and 2.3mm lateral tolerance roller guides
  • 10mm thick, shock-absorbing vulcanized rubber surface for low-impact runs
  • Phone holder on frame and console tray
  • Water bottle holder on frame
  • Built-in transport wheels for transport
  • AirPlus lever with 8 levels of resistance
  • Display Windows: Resistance Level, Time, Heart rate, Speed (KM or Mi), Distance (M or Mi), Watts, Calories, Pace (Minutes per KM/MI), RPM, and more
  • Functions: Interval, Pace, Target Finish Time, Target Distance, Target Calories, Split Time, backlight, and more
  • Console will also record history such as Total Run Time, Distance, Summary at end of workouts, Total Calories, Max Speed, and more
  • Set interval work programs by Time, Distance, or Calories
  • Set a Target Time, Distance, Calories, or Heart Rate
  • Improve previous benchmarks by setting "Target Time + Distance" and the console will actively remind you if you're "on pace" or need to run "faster" in order to finish the targeted distance within the targeted time
  • Set "Event Mode" to easily manage competitions and athlete testing
  • Console is compatible with a variety of smartphone apps and group leaderboard softwar

  • Max Capacity: 350 LBs Run, 700 LBs Walk
  • Net Weight: 160 KGs (352 LBs)
  • Gross Weight: 197 KGs (433 LBs)
  • Running Area: 67"L x 17"W
Warranty: Full Commercial
  • 10 year frame
  • 5 year parts
  • 2 year console
Item Number: ACRT-01
Full Commercial Rated