Xebex AirPlus Performance Bike

Xebex AirPlus Performance Bike
Xebex AirPlus Performance Bike
Item Number: ABMG-3
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Effective for Any Ability
Xebex AirPlus Performance Bike resistance is controlled by the user, not the machine. You can control the intensity of your workout - The harder you push, pull and pedal, the more air you're moving and the greater the resistance. Cool-down and lower your heart rate by easing the intensity of your push, pull, and pedal stroke in order to decrease the resistance and amount of air moving. Need more of a challenge? Toggle between 8 resistance levels with AirPlus Technology for combined air and magnetic resistance.
  • Levels 1-2: Lighter than our standard air bike resistance. Good for light warm-up/cool-down, endurance training, and young/elder athletes
  • Level 3: Standard air bike resistance
  • Level 4-5: Heavier than our standard air bike resistance. Novice level hill climbs, good for power and cardiovascular training
  • Level 6-8: Heaviest levels. Expert level hill climbs, power training, burn more calories per hour with higher watts
Full-Body Workout
Pushing, pulling, and pedaling can all be done with a Xebex AirPlus Performance Bike. This activates muscles in your arms, chest, back, legs, and even your core. Quickly burn calories with a full-body workout where you control the intensity of your exercise regimen. The challenge is up to you when you adjust the resistance by moving the lever up and down across 8 levels. The selected AirPlus Level is displayed on the console and easy-to-read labels on the lever, higher AirPlus levels generate greater watts and calories burned!

Comfortable and adjusts to fit various heights
Our 4-way adjustable, oversized 12" seat allows you to adjust the seat up/down, and forward/back. Simply loosen the pop-pin and pull out to adjust the seat height. Loosen the seat track lever to slide the seat closer or further away from the handlebars. The oversized 12" seat ensures maximum comfort during short and long workouts.

Easy Transport and Storage
Simply tilt the Xebex AirPlus Performance Bike forward and roll away using the 2 over-sized wheels from the front stabilizer.

Built to Last
More robust than competitor Bikes and uses more durable moving parts. Forged chro-moly cranks, sealed cartridge bottom bracket, and sealed ball-bearing cartridges at every joint. Xebex Air Bikes utilize the best technology in exercise bikes for a heavy-duty piece of equipment built to withstand anything you can throw at it. All of the bolts that secure the crank are inserted at a precise specification, which means that this bolt will not come loose with regular use and ensures consistency across all models of Xebex Air Bikes. Additionally, we've replaced the handlebar linkage bushing with a universal ball joint that accepts lateral movement on the handlebars, which occurs normally during intense workout.

Measure Performance and Progress
The Xebex AirPlus Performance Bike comes everything you're accustomed to and more! The console is designed specifically for functional training with pre-set and custom intervals for HIIT training as well as targets for time, distance, calories and heart rate. The console knows and displays the level of AirPlus resistance that you're using and takes it into account when calculating calories and wattage. Upon completion of your workout, console displays an easy to read summary.

The large console display gives users an easy way to measure performance and track progress. On one screen, you can see 8 different key measurements: Total Time, Work Time, Calories, Distance, Watts, Speed, RPM, and Heart Rate. Everything you need in one, easy-to-read console with the ability to setup Interval Training, Target Training, Heart-Rate Training, and more. 5k Chest Belts are compatible.

The console also allows for switching between units of measurement: Meters or Miles as well as switching between max and current read outs. Our console is easier to use and more accurately reads changes in speed than other air bike consoles. We've also included the ability to SET or TARGET distance, calories, and time while the console counts down from your targeted goal so you know just how much longer to work for. Setup Custom Interval Work, Rest, and Number of Rounds in less than 5 seconds.

Easy Assembly
Xebex AirPlus Performance Bike require minimal assembly of just 7 total parts: Front and Rear Stabilizers, Console Stem, Handlebars, Pedals, Seat Post and Seat are all that need to be installed. We include all the necessary tools, hardware, and clear, illustrated instructions. Allow 15-30 minutes to complete the job!

How does it compare to other Air Bikes?

There are many benefits of including variable resistance in a standard air bike as it allows athletes to train for strength, cardiovascular and multiple combinations between the two. Users can better achieve specific goals (i.e. general heath improvements, weight loss, muscle tone) due to the wide range of resistance provided by the added magnetic resistance as well as the natural resistance from the flywheel as you increase RPMs. Additionally, this equipment allows users to gradually increase the intensity of their workout as they progress in their fitness journey.

You can burn an average of 57% more calories/hour by using resistance level 8 over level 1. Similarly, wattage output increases by nearly 76% on average*
*Note: assumes 60KG user

  • Net Weight: 114 LBs
  • Gross Weight: 119 LBs
  • Box Size: 50" x 11" x 35"
  • AirPlus Technology: huge range of resistance to burn more calories, suitable for warm-up at lowest levels and increasing intensity at highest levels
Warranty: Full Commercial
  • 5 years frame
  • 2 year parts

Item Number: ABMG-3
Full Commercial Rated