What is CrossFit Training?

woman doing crossfit workout with power lifts

Created by Greg Glassman in 1995, CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that is designed to improve and maximize the general fitness and performance levels of its participants. CrossFit is a registered trademark of CrossFit, Inc. The objective of CrossFit is to create a lean, strong body that performs at high levels across many functional and day to day activities. In essence, it is focused on making sure you can physically handle anything that life throws at you.

This is achieved by not specializing in any particular exercise discipline, but instead incorporating a wide variety of strength, cardio and gymnastic routines. The cornerstone of CrossFit is an array of constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity levels for short periods of time. Movements such as sprinting, rowing, jumping rope, climbing rope, flipping tires, weightlifting, carrying heavy objects, and many bodyweight exercises are incorporated into daily workout routines.

CrossFit operates around a schedule of daily workouts, commonly referred to as WODs - Workout Of the Day routines. A complete workout can generally be performed in less than 20 minutes. There are a number of pre-set routines that are named after females, known as “The Girls” and another set of workouts named after emergency personnel who have died in the line of duty, known as “Hero Workouts”. Some examples include:

- Cindy: 5 Pull Ups, 10 Pushups, 15 Squats --- As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

- Jackie: 1000m row on Concept 2 rower, 45lbs Thruster x50 reps, Pulls ups x30 reps --- As fast as possible

- Murph: 1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 pushups, 300 air squats, 1 mile run

CrossFit incorporates a broad range of strength, cardio, plyometric and gym equipment. A single workout can include the use of a rowing machine, squat stands, a plyometric box, and an Olympic bumper plate set. Another routine may include a power rack, wall ball, and dumbbells.

It is up to the CrossFit athlete or trainer to determine the daily schedule and workout activities to be performed. In addition to the pre-set routines, custom routines can be developed to meet the needs of particular athletes and individual training needs.

Benefits of CrossFit

CrossFit can benefit just about anybody that is looking to improve the quality of their daily life, enhance their ability to perform physical tasks, or just want to look and feel better. Because of the incorporation of such a wide variety of physical activities, the program builds power, strength, balance, athleticism and endurance, while burning fat for good measure. Men, women, young and old can all achieve outstanding results from if they are willing to put in the time and effort.

CrossFit is a favorite among those with physically demanding jobs that require the ability to quickly adapt to unknown and unusual circumstances. Fire Fighters, Police Officers, and military personnel are increasingly adding CrossFit into their workout routines to ensure they are ready to take on any situation or combatant. Professional athletes from all major sports are finding ways to improve their performance by incorporating CrossFit routines into their normal training programs.

If you are looking to increase your strength, stamina and athleticism or just want to look and feel better than ever, CrossFit may be a good fit for you.

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