What Fitness Equipment Is Best For Losing Weight?

woman spin bike and scale

There are two main types of physical exercise, and most categories of fitness equipment are geared toward one or the other. Aerobic exercise equipment is great for weight loss because aerobic exercise burns a lot of calories. Treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes and rowing machines are all types of equipment that can be used to achieve an aerobic workout. Since aerobic exercise helps increase cardiovascular endurance, it's often referred to as cardio.

The most common type of anaerobic exercise is weight or resistance training, which is an essential part of building muscles. Since adding muscle mass can help a person burn more calories, weight training can also help with weight loss. Other health benefits include increased strength, improved bone density, better balance, and reduced risk of injuries.

Work It Off

Aerobic exercise facilitates weight loss by burning calories, so the number of calories burned in a given time frame is the best metric to judge different types of cardiovascular fitness equipment. Keep in mind that body weight influences total calories burned – the higher the body weight, the more calories burned. Since running is one of the best ways to burn calories, treadmills are a popular type of aerobic exercise equipment for weight loss. It's possible to burn 600-1000 calories an hour on a treadmill. This number is lower, approximately 200-400 calories, if the treadmill is used for walking instead of running.

Exercise bikes are also great for weight loss. It’s possible to burn 500-800 calories an hour during an intense workout on an exercise bike. Spin-style or club training bikes are great for this. Recumbent exercise bikes are less effective at burning calories, but they're great for people who suffer from lower back problems.

A vigorous workout on a rowing machine burns approximately 500-700 calories an hour. An elliptical trainer workout burns approximately 500-700 calories an hour, too. Revolving stair machines that require the exerciser to continuously climb can burn as many calories as an inclined treadmill.

Build Muscle

Home gyms are great for weight training because they can be used to work so many muscle groups. Some home gyms have weight stacks, and others use bands or bars to provide tension. A simple home gym that uses bands or bars will typically suffice for beginners who are more interested in losing weight than building huge muscles.

The other option for weight training is a bench and free weights. Free weights can be used to work a wide range of different muscle groups, and it's typically less expensive to pick up a weight bench and some dumbbells than it is to purchase an entire home gym.

Fitness Trends

Aside from all the traditional types of cardiovascular and weight training equipment, various fads also pop up from time to time. Some of these fads stick around for a long time, and others fade away very quickly. One piece of exercise equipment that is picking up steam is the kettlebell. These weights have actually been around for hundreds of years, and they are great for weight loss. Another trendy piece of exercise equipment is the suspension trainer, which is great for developing core strength. It takes good joint integrity and core stability to properly use a suspension trainer.

Some types of exercise equipment seem simple to use, but it's essential to use them properly. If a rowing machine is used improperly, it's very easy to injure the lower back muscles. It's also impossible to get the most out of a piece of fitness equipment without knowing how to use it properly.

It is especially vital to understand the proper operation of weight training equipment. Lifting weights improperly can cause muscle injuries, so it's always safer to start out by working with a personal trainer. Another way to learn the proper usage of different types of exercise equipment is to temporarily join a gym.

Once a desired amount of weight is lost, remember to keep up exercising as part of a maintenance program. Keeping weight off can be as challenging as losing it in the first place. For the best chance of maintaining weight loss, make exercise a regular part of daily life.

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