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Weight Machines

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Weight machines are designed to build and tone muscles, targeting every part of the body. They come in many shapes, sizes, and configurations for both home gyms and commercial gym facilities. No matter what your fitness and exercise goals are, there is a machine designed to make your workout routine more effective and fun.

Weight machines were originally developed to improve safety when weight training. Up until that time, free weights, such as barbells and dumbbells, were the primary weight lifting options available to avid weight lifters and bodybuilders. Inexperienced lifters, however, had a tendency to injure themselves with free weights by dropping them or lifting incorrectly. Weight machines were designed to make exercise easier by attaching weights to the machines and putting the body in biomechanically correct positions while working out. This development resulted in a safer way to get fit and tone.

There are several categories of weight machines, including selectorized, plate loaded, and hydraulic machines. There are also machines that are meant to be used with exercise bands to create resistance.

Selectorized machines come with integrated weight stacks. The user can easily change the amount of resistance by positioning a weight selector pin to choose the amount of weight they want to lift. These machines are popular for everyday use by both novice and experienced users and can be found in most commercial gyms, such as 24 Hour Fitness. Since they are easy to use, they are the most sought after weight machines on the market.

Plate loaded machines, also called leverage machines, combine the features of traditional weight machines with the free range of motion that free weights offer. The user adjusts the amount of resistance they want by adding or subtracting weight plates on the machine’s weight pegs. Plate loaded machines are a favorite of bodybuilders and athletes involved in contact sports and can be found in commercial gyms, such as Gold’s Gym. These machines are also very popular with military personnel.

Hydraulic machines create resistance by moving fluid (hydraulic oil) back and forth through cylinders. The amount of resistance is equivalent to the force that is exerted. The harder you push and pull, the greater the resistance you experience. Hydraulic weight machines are prevalent in circuit training, where a series of exercises are performed for a set period of time each. Circuit training has seen a recent surge in popularity due to cross training programs and is a favorite for those looking to get lean and tone.

American Fitness carries hundreds of weight and strength training options from trusted brands such as Impact Fitness, Yukon Fitness, Body-Solid, BodyCraft, Champion Barbell, Magnum, and Valor Athletics. If you need help choosing the right equipment for your needs, our expert staff is ready to assist.