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Weight Lifting Benches

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Weight lifting benches are an integral part of any gym. They provide a stable and supportive surface for performing weight training exercises, and help to align the body to target different muscles. They come in many sizes and configurations and can be used in a variety of ways. Some benches are used for specific exercises, such as ab crunches and back extensions, while others can be paired with other weight training equipment, such as power racks and smith machines, to add variety to your workout routine. Many weight benches can be folded up when not in use for easy storage.

The main categories of weight lifting benches include:

Adjustable benches come in multiple variations: flat-to-decline, flat-to-incline, and all-in-one adjustable that accommodate flat, incline, and decline positions. These benches are a great addition to a dumbbell station and can add unlimited exercise options to a power rack or smith machine. When in the decline position, these benches can also be used as a sit up bench.

Olympic weight lifting benches are designed to be paired with an Olympic weight set. They come in a variety of styles to meet specific training needs and goals. Options include flat, decline, incline, and military press. Fully adjustable Olympic benches are also available that will accommodate 3 different positions - decline, flat, and incline - all in one item.

Ab and back benches are specifically designed for use in training the abdominal and back muscles. Some popular options include ab boards, roman chairs, hyperextension benches, and glute ham benches. Having a variety available is important to maintain a balanced core.

Utility weight benches include flat benches, pressing chairs, preacher curl benches, and utility stools. Flat benches can be used for a number of exercises, including dumbbell work, shoulder lifts, and even for jumping on and over. Preacher curl benches are designed for bicep exercises, such as bicep curls. Pressing chairs have a foot holder that the lifter can use to obtain extra leverage when performing seated lifts. Utility stools, or utility benches, are small stools with a support back that can also be used for shoulder and arm exercises.

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