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The VTX Strength Band’s continuous latesxloop offers variable weight resistance with each band. Four Strength Band’s are available, light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy, each with a gradually greater weight range. You get virtually hundreds of resistance-exercise options. 20lbs-35lbs, 30lbs-50lbs, 40lbs-80lbs, and 60lbs-120lbs of resistance.

Available in:
  • Light (20lbs-35lbs), Bitter Lemon - GVSBL-LIT
  • Medium (30lbs-50lbs), Spanish Orange - GVSBL-MED
  • Heavy ( 40lbs-80lbs), Egyptian Blue - GVSBL-HVY
  • Extra Heavy (60lbs-120lbs), Black  - GVSBL-XH
  • 4Band Set: one of each resistance level
  • Length: 40 in.
  • Material: Latex