Vertimax Eight-Cord V8Plus Multi-Vector Training System #4

For explosive speed and quickness
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The V8Plus is an upgrade to the V6Plus. Instead of just two platform surface cords, the V8Plus has a seventh and eighth cord that can also be attached to the athlete. This Model comes in two sizes.

There are virtually hundreds of exercises that can be performed on the V8Plus unit. Each set of topside cords has a different range of resistance levels that can be set allowing coaches to work with an even wider range of athletes. They can quickly rotate large male athletes, female athletes, youth athletes, and even re-hab clients across the platform.

The Vertimax is custom built for the individual user.  Please use the drop-down selection boxes to customize your product to your needs and liking.


  • Training Objective - The "V8Plus" is an UPPER AND LOWER BODY reactive power trainer with over 800 multiple vector selection capabilities.
  • Number of Resistance Bands - The V8Plus is a modified version of the V6Plus, providing an 7th and 8th resistance bands both capable of relocating to 40 different positions around the athlete. The V8Plus is the most versatile model of the VertiMax trainers because it has eight independent resistance bands that can simultaneously be attached to the athlete and 800 selectable resistance vector combinations to choose from.
  • Setting Desired Training Resistance - Resistance can easily be changed on each of the eight resistance bands by simply extracting or retracting any of the eight bands through the cam cleat mechanisms that adjust the cord tension.
  • Basic Exercises - Many sports-specific explosive exercises can be performed but our "Basic Training Routine" consisting of 'Quarter Quick' and 'Half Quick' explosive jumps will produce immediate and outstanding improvements in an athlete's time out of the blocks, vertical jump, and 40 times.
  • Accessories included with unit:
    • Waist belt
    • Hip flexor set
    • Palm set
  • Materials included with unit:
    • Thirty- three Page Users Manual outlining the proper usage of the equipment, information on training protocols in general, and VertiMax training in conjunction with heavy resistance and plyometric training
    • Training Video demonstrating the VertiMax training jumps and jump training techniques
    • Great Starter Programs: Designed for coaches challenged to build a winning sports program, for professional speed trainers tasked to produce new personal bests for world-class athletes, and for highly competitive individual athletes dedicated to improving their vertical jump and 40' times
    • Comprehensive Two-Year Unlimited Free Replacement Warranty on all mechanical and support components


  • Shipping weight for both Standard and Elite models: 174lbs
  • Shipping Deminsions :
    • Elite - 74 x 51 x 13 inches
    • Standard - 64 x 51 x 13 inches


Item Number: V8