Valor CA-2 Speed Bag Platform with Speed Bag

Speed Bag
Speed Bag
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Valor Athletics, Inc. CA - 2 Speed Bag Platform with Bag strengthens your upper body and improves hand - eye coordination. If you're a boxer, or an athlete of any kind, this Speed Bag Platform will improve performance. Developing strong hand-eye coordination is paramount to hitting a baseball, catching a football and performing various other athletic tasks. Quickens your hands and sharpens your movements.
Easy to hang up. Comes with bolts for both cement (basement) and wood (wall studs) mounting. Speed bag is included.

  • Steel frame with 2 x 2" bars and 2 x 1" bars
  • 1" high-density wood platform is 23" in diameter
  • 13" height adjustment worm drive
  • 360* chain link bearing swivel
  • Solid steel chrome guide shafts
  • 4 locking screws for seure platform positioning
  • Assembly required (tools included)
  • Measures 32 x 20 x 31"
  • Weighs 74 lbs.


Item Number: CA-2