Ultimate Fitness Object

Dumbbell Exercise Bench
Item Number: UFO
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Tired of cheap TV products that fail to live up to their promises and fall apart after 30 days? Then you want to try the Ultimate Fitness Object.

With it's unique rear motion it is easier to use and control, will give you better results and is safe for you back. Trim your waist, hips, buns and thighs while increasing flexibility and toning your upper body. The natural Pilates and Yoga type movements will give you the long lean and tight look without bulking up.

Synergistically better for abdominal effectiveness and safer for the back than any competitive product on the market today, the UFO is one of the highest quality products available. Soft contoured pad with bi-directional wheels makes it comfortable and easy to use. Includes ergonomic push-up bars, instructional manual and video. (9lbs)
Item Number: UFO