LPG Muscle Tri-Bells Tricep Rope TB6 - 6 inch - Made in the USA

Item Number: TB-6S
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The LPG Muscle Tri-Bells Tricep Rope was designed to accomplish 4 things:
  • Stimulate more of the triceps than just the long leads (like the triceps rope does) including lateral portions as well.
  • Offer greater freedom of movement than thick, inflexible rope to further enhance superior overall training effects.
  • Be designed in a way that was hygienic and could easily be disinfected before or after use with the wipe of a cloth.
  • Be virtually indestructible.
The new Patent Pending Tri-Bells achieved the objectives, and in the process invented a revolutionary new gripping style. Not only were triceps fatigued faster and more thoroughly pound for pound than with conventional triceps ropes, but they also experienced an unexpected synergistic training effect of the throwing muscles of the forearms and wrists.

To use: attach to cable suspension snap hook of any cable resistance machine. Grip the hemispherical surface by placing one hand on top of each other with cable located between thumb and pointer finger. Bend elbows 90 degrees, and under tension, press downward and away from the body until arms are straightened and full triceps contraction is achieved. Bend elbows back to original position and repeat for desired number of repetitions. As with every product produced by LPG Muscle, Tri-Bells come with a full lifetime replacement warranty.

  • Patent Pending Hi-Tech gripping hemispheres
  • Ball Style grip maximizes both Lateral & Long Triceps head stimulation
  • Ball Style grip conditions forearm, wrist and hand stabilizer muscles
  • 2000# strong ultra flexible cable suspension for optimal exercise freedom of movement
  • Powder coated, textured gripping surface
  • Plush, hygienic cable covers
  • Full commercial grade construction and full replacement warranty
  • 3 models to choose from, 6 single, 4 single and double 4
  • Made in the USA
  • Full Commercial grade with Lifetime replacement
Item Number: TB-6S