LPG Muscle 4 Double Tri-Bells Tricep Ropes - Made in the USA

LPG Muscle 4 Double Tri-Bells  Tricep Ropes
LPG Muscle 4 Double Tri-Bells  Tricep Ropes
Item Number: TB-4DBL
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Do you want more from your triceps workout?  Get 30% better overall strengthening and conditioning results with our Patented Tri-Bells.  Give the rope to the goat and grip our hi-tech, patented hemispheres like a softball, this unique grip allows you to throw down against that weight stack with all the flexibility available in your wrists which means more targeting of the triceps than ever before, something a conventional rope and “fist style” grip just does not allow for.  Full live action provided by  the Tri-Bells ultra flexible cable suspension system.

The only choice for athletes seeking to condition for better game and injury prevention.  That is because Tri-Bells go where no conventional rope can, deep into muscles and connective tissue of your hands, forearms and triceps for a wicked training effect that bodybuilders crave.  Use Tri-Bells Double 4″ for any common triceps rope style exercises to include lying two handed triceps extensions, seated overhead triceps cable extensions, triceps cable machine push downs and many more.

  • Patent pending hemispherical gripping surface and revolutionary new sport grip
  • Spider web thin 1000# strong cable suspension system
  • Hygienic rubberized cable sleeves
  • Powder coated non slip grip surface
  • Commercial grade, USA made
  • Single and double models available
  • Made in the USA
  • Full Commercial grade with Lifetime replacement
Item Number: TB-4DBL