The Juggernaut Training Tire

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The Juggernaut Training Tire is a great tool for beginner and advanced lifters alike to develop power without the complexity of an Olympic lift. The Juggernaut Tire can produce immediate results in just one week of training on a structured program while bringing a new dynamic to training for speed, strength, and weight loss. A must for every weight room.

  • Can be bolted down inside or it can be placed on skids outside
  • One Juggernaut replaces multiple tires because you can load it to desired weight
  • Because it replaces multiple tires, gyms will no longer have dirty tires chained up outside
  • Can also be mounted in front of a solid wall to cut the space in half when used
  • Because it is secure on its frame, the Juggernaut Tire does not take akward bounces making it safer
  • It builds competition between two people flipping the tire to one another


  • Dimensions: 6'6" in length and 4'3" in width.
  • Weight: 145lbs. lying flat
Warranty: Commercial
  • 1 year


Item Number: Juggernaut