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How to Choose Commercial Fitness Equipment

Selecting the right commercial fitness equipment is essential when developing any type of fitness center. Whether you are designing a small-sized gym for a school, hotel, workplace, or community center, or a larger, more specialized training facility, you want to make sure you are meeting the fitness needs of those who will be using the facility. Understanding what type and grade of exercise equipment to purchase is key to developing a winning solution.

Step 1: Who will be using the fitness equipment?

It is important to understand the fitness needs and goals of gym members or users.

  • Will the gym be used by just a few people or larger group?
  • Do the users have similar fitness needs or a wide range?
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Step 2: What is your budget?

Once you have determined the needs of your target users, it is important to align your budget with the grade of equipment best suited for your facility. Larger fitness centers that will be used by multiple people should be equipped with light commercial or full commercial grade exercise equipment. This equipment is designed with greater durability to withstand repeated use. Because it is more durable, it can cost a little more than cheaper home models found in retail chains. But it will keep your facility up and running longer, without the need to repair or replace broken equipment that is being used beyond its intended limitations.

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Step 3: What are your space limitations?

Before starting shopping, it is important to determine how much space is available for equipment. Exercise equipment is available in a variety of configurations, from specialized to multi-purpose. Smaller gyms might want fewer machines that work multiple muscles. While larger gyms might want to offer a broader range of workout choices. To ensure a comfortable and safe workout environment, it is important to leave some space around equipment and provide proper flooring.

Step 4: Choose your equipment

Here are some recommendations for equipment in a typical commercial gym or fitness center.

Commercial cardio fitness machines, such as treadmills and ellipticals, and exercise bikes come in different forms. Users can often spend 30+ minutes on a cardio machine, so having several available is a good idea for larger gyms in order to reduce wait times to use the equipment.