Sure-Grip Double Sided Seam Tape - 3" x 75'

Double Sided Seam Tape
Item Number: Sure-Grip
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Sure-Grip Seaming Tape tape is used to adhere rolled rubber flooring and rubber gym mats to sub-floors such as concrete, wood, brick, slate and metal. This is a semi-permanent installation technique that will allow for easy removal of flooring should the need arise. A mastic-free installation product, excellent for use by DIY and professional installers.

  • Roll Sizes: 3.5” wide by 25-yards long (75’)
  • Adhesion: Double-sided pressure-sensitive tape adheres rubber flooring and carpet to concrete and wood sub-floors, brick, wood, slate and metal
  • Flat/smooth adhesive on BOCS (bonded oriented continuous strand) scrim with release paper.
  • Red Centerlines: Included for aligning chalk lines and centering floor seams
  • Technical Info: Solvent-and mastic-free, this tape is odorless, waterproof and freeze/thaw stable
  • Weight Per Roll: 3 lbs.

Recommended installation:

  • Across seams joining two rubber rolls together to sub-floor
  • Along outside perimeter of room where rubber meets walls
  • Down center of each rubber roll

Item Number: Sure-Grip