SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball

Slam Ball 4lb
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The Dead Weight Slam Balls are durable, sand-filled no-bounce balls that are ideal for tossing and slamming activities. Heavy-duty rubber shell provides maximum durability.  Pliable, tacky surface is easy to grasp and throw.  Great for wall and floor slams, as well as with a rebounder. Color-coded weights ranging from 4 to 50 pounds.

  • Durable, sand-fill no-bounce ball
  • Ideal for tossing and slamming
  • Heavy-duty rubber shell
  • Tacky surface for easy grip
  • Color-coded weights
  • Available in 4-50 lb weights
  • Weight: 4lbs-50lbs
  • Material: Textured rubber-like PVC sand-filled shell
  • Feel: Pliable, tacky, easy-to-grip uniquely textured surface
  • Product Use: Deigned for tossing, throwing, and controlled slamming. Perfect for use with rebounders.
  • Responsiveness: No bounce