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Spin Exercise Bikes

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Spin exercise bikes, sometimes called indoor cycling or club bikes, can be so much fun to use, especially when used in conjunction with a spinning class or a spinning workout video. They provide a great cardiovascular workout with minimal impact on joints. It is possible to burn 500-700 calories an hour in a good exercise session! Since you are cycling at a steady pace for long stretches of time, this type of exercise is also great for building stamina and endurance.

Spin exercise bikes differ from other types of exercise bikes in the body's position. On an upright bike, the body is typically in an upright, sitting position, on a wide comfortable seat. On a recumbent bike, the body is more in a reclined position. On a spin or indoor cycling bike, the body position is more similar to a real racing or road bike.

At American Fitness, we have a great selection of spin or indoor cycle exercise bikes. If you need help choosing, our friendly customer service representatives are available by phone 24 hours a day. We offer models designed for both home and commercial use at low prices. We look forward to helping you find the gear to achieve your health and fitness goals!