American Barbell Series 4 Urethane Barbells - 20-110lb set

Urethane Barbell
Urethane Barbell
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American Barbell Series II Solid Head Urethane barbells feature a solid head weight design. Numbers are permanently engraved. Bars are hard chromed to enhance durability and prevent peeling.

Set Includes the following curl bars:20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 &110 lbs


  • Bolting Method : A 5/8" Hex Bolt is used instead of conventional Allen Bolt methods, allowing much greater applied torque, resulting in better holding power. A proprietary locking compound is used on the threads to further prevent loosening.
  • Recessed Numbering System: Conventional raised numbering systems tend to dent and pop off or peel off creating a maintenance nightmare. With recessed numbers, and a high strength adhesive, this is eliminated.
  • Premium castings and urethane coated material.
  • CNC machined solid steel chrome bar 1-1/8 dia.
  • 5/8 grade-8 hex head bolt specially treated, impacted to 200-ft. lbs.
  • Inside to inside plate dimension; straight bar 37-1/4, EZ curl bar 36-1/8.

Warranty: Full Commercial