American Fitness Encourages School Athletic Departments to Plan Now for Fall Fitness Equipment

Portland, OR - March 15, 2012 - American Fitness, a premier supplier of fitness equipment serving home and commercial customers, urges school athletic departments to start planning now for items they will require for next year. As school districts examine their budgets for the upcoming year, many are facing shortfalls due to recessionary impacts on state or private funding. These districts must evaluate which programs will face cuts in an effort to balance their budgets. It is not uncommon to find new purchases of athletic and exercise equipment delayed as part of the process. This can leave athletic departments in a bind with insufficient training tools, such as worn out sporting goods or broken or missing free weights, at the start of their big fall sports season.

Other concerns impacting the need to plan ahead are rising gas and steel prices. Typical strength training equipment includes free weights, weight sets, benches, and machines which include a lot of heavy steel. In recent years, weight equipment has experienced a number of price changes due to fluctuations in global steel costs. Rising gas prices impact the cost to ship fitness equipment from the manufacturer to the warehouse, and then to the customer. All of this ends up impacting schools in the form of higher prices. As gas prices continue to climb in the US, it is important that organizations plan ahead to minimize the risk of potential equipment price increases in the fall.

To help education groups with their planning and budgets, American Fitness has developed a number of discounted fitness equipment packages. These packages consist of popular sports training equipment, including free weights, bench sets, and a variety of strength training combination packages. By combining items often used together as part of a comprehensive training program, American Fitness is able to offer pricing that is better suited to education budgets.

“Successful school athletic programs typically update and replace equipment on a regular basis,” said Ron Thompson, President of American Fitness. “As schools face new budget realities, American Fitness is actively working to provide affordable packages of quality fitness equipment that is ideal for student athletes. By planning early and placing orders in the spring, athletic departments can avoid potential price increases due to rising gas and steel costs, and have their new equipment in-house and ready to go at the start of fall sports training sessions.”

American Fitness has experts available to assist athletic departments with choosing products that best fit their needs. Purchasing departments can also get custom quotes on any combination of products available at by contacting customer service.

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