Resistance Bands

Resistance bands, exercise bands, strength bands and exercise tubes offer a cheap and effective way to get strong and lean. The come in a wide variety of styles and resistance levels to meet all of your exercise and rehabilitation needs. Once used primarily for rehabilitation and therapy, exercise bands have recently become popular among individual users and elite athletes alike. Many strength training machines, such as power racks, now come with anchor points and pegs that will accommodate exercise bands and tubes. This brings a whole new dimension to your strength training routine. Resistance bands are also small and portable. They are easy to pack into your luggage or carry-on so you can exercise while you are traveling. Consider adding some exercise bands to your free weight routine. You will be surprised at the variety of exercises you can do and the gains you will experience from such a small and simple piece of equipment.

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VTX Covered Resistance Bands
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VTX Mini Loop Bands
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VTX Strength Bands
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