SPRI Pumping Rubber Workout Kit

Pumping Rubber Workout Kit
Item Number: PRX-R
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The SPRI PRX-R Pumping Rubber Workout Kit provides you with a convenient time-efficient workout program designed to strengthen, sculpt, and tone all the major muscles of the body for all levels of experience. The durable Xertubes with three different resistance levels and the door attachment allow for multiple workout options at home or while traveling. The 30 Minute Pumping Rubber Workout video is designed to maximize the benefit from Xertubes and includes warm-up activities, Xertube resistance exercises, abdominal exercises, and cool-down stretches. If you don't have the time, budget, or inclination to do resistance training at a club, this is an excellent alternative.

Includes 3 Xertubes of Varied Resistance, Door Attachment, and 30 Minute Pumping Rubber instructional video

Strengthen, tone and sculpt all major muscles with this comprehensive kit
Developed for convenient, time-efficient workouts

Learn warm-up activities, resistance and abdominal exercises, and cool-down stretches

Great conditioning for recreational activities and for increased overall mobility
Item Number: PRX-R