Primo Chalk - Loose Chalk 1lb Bucket

Loose Chalk 1lb Bucket
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Keep your hands dry and your grip true with Primo Chalk - 1lb Bucket of Loose Primo Chalk.

  • Essential oils and epsom salt helps you to train and play without drying out and tearing your skin in one easy step
  • Naturally Antibacterial which enables you to train in a busy gym without fear of germs on equipment - Immediately
  • Fine texture allows you to focus on your workout out without ever losing your grip like the best Climbers, Lifters, Crossfitters, and even Ninja Warriors.
  • Lasts a long time gives you the power to chalk as little as one time per session - Rapidly
  • Ultra grippy provides you the ability to stay in your zone without ever sacrificing grip like a pro
  • Improves grip while conditioning skin at the same time
  • Proudly Made in the USA


  • Qty 1: 1lb bucket of loose chalk

Item Number: 851811004134