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Power Climb- Part of the PowerZone Training circuit for HIIT

Power Climb is a commercial grade, fluid resistance climbing machine, challenging users to a high intensity workout with tremendous full body muscle activation. Constructed for powerful workouts, Power Climb functions as a stepper or whole body climber offering a smooth and constant resistance throughout the entire range of motion, unlike mechanically induced, chain driven machines.

Founded on compound, multi-joint movement, Power Climb maintains user’s center of gravity to a neutral position, reinforcing good form demanding the muscles, not the joints, do the work.

Power Climb features FDF’s famous patented twin tank delivering levels of adjustable Fluid Force allowing users to train at peak power, no matter their power input or fatigue.

The Power Climb piece is aerobically oriented and complements the strength focused units in the PowerZone, an industry-first, concentric power training circuit. PowerZone brings together six complimentary Fluid Force machines that combine strength, endurance and power training into one – forming the basis for the ultimate circuit workout. The complete PowerZone circuit includes the following fluid machines:
PowerZone is designed to supplement traditional athletic training programs by offering a high intensity/high volume circuit training program that will increase the athlete's ability to perform at their highest levels.

For small group training the PowerZone will accommodate ANY group - kids, seniors, super fit crossfit style programs and the like. In fact you could have two kids, two seniors and two elite athletes all going through the same circuit at the same time, all at their own relative peak! Power Zone can be a standalone circuit program in any facility; crossfit, YMCA, planet fitness, Orange Theory Fitness, Military installations, rehab, sports training centers, Fire, Police, Corporate wellness, etc.
Concentric power training
Delivering concentric resistance only, PowerZone applies resistance in the drive phase of a movement, allowing the recovery phase to be virtually resistance free – meaning ballistic movements can be achieved without having to deal with any recovery phase consequences.

Perfect for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), PowerZone provides the load for the explosive effort phase, burns calories rapidly for weight loss and conditions the cardiovascular system in a very time efficient manner.

Fluid Force and its role in concentric power training
Moving explosively with weights can be counterproductive for many training purposes. Moving weights at higher speeds means the weight develops momentum. This momentum results in a reduction of the load through the later stages of the specific movement. FDF’s patented fluid innovation, applied to PowerZone machines, develops virtually zero momentum. The water resistance twin tank provides a consistent load at virtually any speed – the fluid force applied is controlled by adjusting the position of the resistance lever on the fluid tank.

Power Climb Body Focus:
  • Stepping
  • Climbing
  • 10 x Fluid Force delivering a massive range of resistance at the turn of a lever
  • Stainless steel marine grade impeller blades housed in a tough polycarbonate tank
  • Auto-level adjust to Fluid Force Lever
  • Bluetooth integration for App connectivity
  • Computer displays: power measured in watts, time, speed, pulse, resistance level, calories per hour, power curve and cumulative power graph
  • Compatible with Polar heart rate monitors
Foot Support
  • Supportive footplates promoting neutral combined centre of gravity, reducing knee shear and increasing glute activation
  • Multiple hand positions for different body types and recruitment patterns
  • Extra stout for bar linkage no longer applicable, delete
  • Environmentally friendly, rust proof e-coating to complete frame
  • Step on design for instant access
  • Transport wheels for easy positioning
  • Super smooth belt drive
  • Dimensions: 98”H x 31”W 60”L
  • Weight: 319lbs
Warranty: Commercial
  • Metal Frame – 10 Years
  • Polycarbonate Tank & Seals – 5 Years
  • Mechanical Components (of a non-wearing nature) – 2 Years
  • All Other Components (of a wearing nature) – 2 Years

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Item Number: PZ-CLI
Full Commercial Rated