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Pendulum Strength Equipment

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Pendulum strength equipment is a brand of weight training equipment manufactured by the Rogers Athletic Company. This exercise equipment was originally developed specifically for athletes, football players, and in particular, bodybuilders.

The Pendulum line up includes a full selection of plate loaded machines and power rack combinations. The plate loaded machines, also referred to as leverage machines, are designed to target major muscle groups in a safe and effective manner. The machines use bio-mechanically correct motion to allow the user to lift more weight while minimizing the stress put on the spine and fragile joints.

Pendulum power racks come in several configurations, including half racks, double racks and mega racks. In addition, several attachments are available for use with the power racks, including dip bars, spotter stands, functional arms, band attachments, and platforms.

At American Fitness, we carry similar items from manufacturers such as Impact Fitness, Magnum Fitness, and Body-Solid. If you are looking to outfit a gym for a team, consider the Magnum Varsity series of plate loaded machines and power racks. The Varsity series is designed to meet the needs and budget of high school and college team and athletic departments.