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Woman Using Outdoor Strength Training Equipment

Outdoor Strength Training Equipment

trx suspension trainer

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If the weather is nice, why not get outside to get your workout? There are lots of different types of outdoor strength training equipment from dumbbells to portable bodyweight or suspension trainers.

A popular type of outdoor strength training equipment is dumbell weights. The same weights used indoors at the gym can also travel outside for workouts in the park, on the porch, or in the backyard. They are especially popular for outdoor yoga sessions. Other types of free weights, such as kettlebells and medicine balls, can also be used inside and outside.

Resistance bands are another option for outdoor strength training. Their small size makes them incredibly portable, allowing you to pack 2 or 3 along with you on nearly any outdoor excursion. They allow for quick workouts almost anytime or anywhere.

Another type of popular outdoor strength training equipment is bodyweight or suspension trainers, such as the TRX system. They are also portable, but do require securing to something stable, such as a tree or basketball backboard. There are lots of different exercises that can be done with a single suspension trainers, making them extremely versatile workout gear.

At American Fitness, we have a full range of free weights, kettlebells, weighted medicine balls, and suspension trainers. All of these are great indoor equipment that can also be used outside away from sweaty gyms and in fresher air. The most wonderful piece of outdoor strength training equipment for you may be just a click or two away. At American Fitness, we have what you need to tone up, build muscle, and get in shape.