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Outdoor Fitness Equipment

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More and more people are using outdoor fitness equipment to bring their workouts out of the gym or house and into the great outdoors. Sometimes it is so much nicer to use outdoor fitness equipment than to exercise inside. You are able to enjoy the fresh air and exercise at the same time. Similar to doing sports—outdoor fitness equipment will strengthen your body, increase your lung capacity and improve your overall well being.

There are an enormous amount of outdoor fitness equipment products and accessories to choose from. Most any type of portable exercise equipment, such as free weights or dumbbells, resistance bands, or yoga accessories can be used outside. Weighted exercise balls, also called medicine balls, can also be used both inside and outside the gym. One popular outdoor fitness equipment item is the TRX Suspension Training system. The TRX leverages gravity and your bodyweight to enable hundreds of exercises. Yet it is very easy to carry and set up. Just attach to a tree or outside pole and get started with your workout! Or for even more portability, consider trying resistance bands. These strength training devices are small enough to be tucked into a purse or backpack, allowing you to work out almost anywhere and anytime.

From weights to jump ropes—there are a plethora of styles and types of outdoor fitness equipment to choose from. At American Fitness, we have the exercise equipment you are looking for.