Stamina Outdoor Fitness Bench

Stamina Outdoor Fitness Bench
Stamina Outdoor Fitness Bench
Item Number: 65-2300
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Take your workout outside with the new Stamina® Outdoor Fitness Bench. The Bench is built of heavy gauge steel with stainless hardware to withstand outdoor environments. The Stamina Outdoor Fitness equipment is manufactured with paint designed to have excellent weatherability with chip and corrosion resistance plus UV protection for excellent color retention. It is easy to assemble, install and requires little to no maintenance.

The Bench is perfect for push-ups, hyperextension exercises to work your back and core, sit-ups, tricep dips, step ups, and jump ups. Build total body strength while sculpting your abs, back, legs and arms. Provides an intense yet safe workout.

  • Manufactured with hardware specially designed to withstand outdoor elements
  • Paint is chip and corrosion resistant and have UV protection to maintain vibrant color
  • Steel frame construction with polystyrene boards
  • Stainless security hardware to help protect outdoor equipment 
  • Use outdoors to lose weight, burn calories, and build strength
  • Dimensions: 69 "L x 18"W x 35"H
Warranty: Residential
  • 90 days for parts
  • 3 years for frame

California Prop 65 Warning
Item Number: 65-2300