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Neck Strength Equipment

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There are many different kinds of neck strength equipment. Some people look to strengthen neck muscles as part of a physical therapy program to reduce neck immobility and stiffness. It can be very easy to strain neck muscles, so it is important to follow a doctor's guidelines before beginning any type of neck exercise program for this purpose. Others look to strengthen neck muscles as part of an athletic, weight lifting, or bodybuilding program. Even in these situations, neck exercises must be done following proper safety guidelines to minimize risk of injury.

Many types of neck strength equipment are designed based on the concept of force and resistance. Head harnesses are popular among bodybuilders and those involved in contact sports, such as football players, wrestlers, and MMA participants. They condition the neck and upper back muscles and can be used with free weights or hooked to a high or low pulley on a machine. Neck machines are another type of specialized weight training equipment often seen in commercial or athletic facility gyms.

At American Fitness, we have a full selection of neck strength equipment. If you are unsure of what to choose, contact one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives by phone or email. We are happy to guide you in finding just the right gear to meet your athletic or fitness goals.