Hanging Exercise Mat - 48"x24"

Hanging Exercise Mat - 48"x24"
Item Number: 1277159
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Those looking to work on their fitness can use the Hanging Workout Mat for yoga poses, aerobics exercises and stretching. Comfortably move from downward dog to warrior pose in the studio or gym with the thick construction that adds a layer of cushioning between the body and the floor. When your workout is over, the mat hangs on the two grommets at the top of the mat, and each ring is reinforced to hold up against the heavy wear of vigorous training regimens, making the mat ideal for fitness centers or yoga studios.

  • Designed for adding a cushioned layer to the floor for workouts
  • Thick design offers comfort to the hands, feet and other areas of the body
  • Long rectangular design covers the floor for push-ups, yoga poses and other moves that elongate the body
  • Reinforced grommets on the upper portion of the mat allow for hanging within a locker or on the wall
  • Various length options accommodate different user heights and workout needs
  • 48"L x 20.5"W x 3/8", Red
  • Activity: Aerobics, Training, Yoga
  • Reinforced grommets allow mats to hang for storage
Item Number: 1277159