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Exercise Class with Kids Dumbbell Weights

Kids Dumbbell Weights

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Kids dumbbell weights are excellent tools, not just for getting children stronger, but for establishing a healthy habit of exercising at a young age. Kids dumbbell weights can also be an excellent source of fun for a young child.

Kids love to imitate their parents or caregivers. It is part of the natural growth and development process and provides an opportunity for adults to have a positive impact on kids' health by modeling a healthy lifestyle of good eating and exercise. With obesity on the rise in America, it has become even more important for kids to learn the basics of healthy living while they are young, so the habits stay with them for a lifetime.

Weight training exercises strengthen muscles, which in turn helps to burn more calories and protect against bone loss and certain diseases. While some weight sets or pairs may be marketed for children, almost any lightweight set of dumbbells or free weights will also work for this age group. There are regular metal ones, colorful neoprene or vinyl coated ones, or even fun Jelly Bells in bright neon colors. The important thing is to watch your children and make sure they are using the weights correctly. Improperly using weights can lead to injury. Look for information at your local health club, community center, or even on the web about proper strength training exercises for kids including proper form. Make sure to supervise your kids when they use the weights.

At American Fitness, we sell lightweight kids dumbbell weights as will as other workout equipment suitable for kids. To motivate your children to stick with an exercise program and have fun, we recommend choosing lightweight kids dumbbell weights in one of the fun colors. Put together an exercise plan and stick with it for lasting healthy results!