Dumbbell Safety

It is important to have dumbbell safety techniques down before you do any weight lifting. Even if you are only lifting a small bit of weight, you could still injure yourself if you do not follow proper guidelines. One of the reasons why people choose dumbbells over weight machines (besides the fact that they are so much less expensive) is because of the free range of motion that they allow the lifter. But, it is this free range of motion that can sometimes increase the risk of injury.

Before beginning any exercise program, consult your physician first. Here are some general dumbbell safety guidelines to consider when working out with free weights:

• If you are just starting to lift weights, higher a personal trainer to help ensure that you are lifting weights properly and that you are following the correct motions. It is best to start out with good habits from early on.
• Enlist a person to spot you, to help provide support in using proper form.
• Warm up and then stretch before you start your lifting routine.
• Always lift with your legs, not your back.
• If you start to feel any pain, stop. Lessen the weights and/or your repetitions. If the pain continues, stop. If the pain persists, see a doctor.
• It is a good idea to consult with a doctor and/or a professional trainer any time that you plan on changing or upping your routine.
• If you are going to start a new exercise, do not immediately start out with the heaviest weights! Instead, start out with lighter weights and learn how to go through the motions properly before you step up to some heavier weights.

These are good general dumbbell safety guidelines to keep in mind for exercise using free weights. In addition, be careful not to drop weights on feet or toes. Dumbbells can be quite heavy and may result in injuries if dropped. Consider exercising on gym flooring designed to minimize impact on the body while exercising. Gym flooring can also help cushion heavy weight equipment from damage due to accidental drops. And finally, enjoy your workout! Lifting weights has many health benefits and can be a very effective means of exercise, especially when used in conjunction with a cardio and stretching routine.