Poseidon Strength Infiniti Rope

Infiniti Rope
Infiniti Rope
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Poseidon Strength’s Infiniti Rope is a continuous loop fed through a patented isokinetic tech which allows you to adjust resisting force of the rope, on the fly. The harder you pull on the rope, the more force (resistance) that fights back. Think of it as a rope climbing treadmill: the runner remains in place, while the treadmill (the rope) moves accordingly.

The power of isokinetic technology
There’s no denying the benefits of rope climbing and rope training. It’s a critical exercise for any combat athlete, from the military to martial arts. It builds functional strength and upper body/grip strength better than almost any traditional exercise.

  • No electricity required
  • Minimal floor space required
  • No assembly required
  • 6 rope speed intervals
  • Minimal setup
  • Made in the USA!
Examples of Rope Training Workouts:
  • Rope climb (to failure)
  • Rope training for core
  • Arms only rope climbing
  • Seated rope training
  • Grip strength workouts
  • Lateral pull
  • Truck pull (simulated)
  • Weighted sled rope pull (with wall attachment)
  • Angled rope lat pull
  • Overhead tricep pull/extension
  • Shipping dimensions: 26”x18”x12”, 98lbs
  • Hanging Unit Weight: 40 Pounds
  • Climber Weight Limit: 300 Pounds
  • Standard Hanging Height:
    •   Distance From Wall: 4 Feet
    •   Hanging Distance: 3 Feet
    •   Rope Height: 12 Feet minimum.
  • Supplied Mounting Hardware: 36″ of chain and threaded link to wrap around a beam (for custom installs please email: admin@americanfitness.net)
  • No Electricity Required
  • (6) resistance intervals starting from no rope movement
  • Tool-less rope change out
Mounting guidelines:
The Infiniti Rope can be mounted or installed just about anywhere but is intended to be hung from an exposed rafter or beam, whether steel, metal or wood. We recognize that this is not always an option, so we do offer wall mount hardware, where the unit is mounted to an arm, ensuring the rope maintains a safe distance from the wall. Appropriate hardware can be provided upon request, should the unit’s location be hung from a masonry beam or anchored into a masonry wall.

Warranty: Commercial
  • 1 year warranty on mechanics
  • 90 days on rope
Commercial Grade