How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off

woman with weight scale

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows what a challenge it can be. For many, the battle isn’t losing weight, but keeping it off. With obesity and associated medical issues on the rise in America, it is critically important to get serious about health and weight loss. The first step is believing that the battle can be won! The second step is replacing old habits with new, healthier ones. The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to learn about proper diet and exercise, and then commit to implementing these things in one’s daily life.

Before beginning any new diet or fitness plan, it is recommended to start with a health screening by a physician. This person can help identify any underlying health conditions that might be adversely impacted by diet and exercise changes. He or she can also be a wealth of knowledge on healthy food choices and the best exercises for a particular body type or condition. A community health worker may also be able to assist in this area.

Get Moving!

In addition to eating healthier, there are 2 types of exercise that can be beneficial to weight loss: cardio and strength training. Cardio exercise is also called aerobic exercise. It is basically any kind of physical activity that elevates the heart rate and builds up the cardiovascular system. Strength training is anaerobic exercise that builds muscle. Weight and resistance training are forms of this type of exercise. Both are important for losing weight and keeping it off. Cardio burns a lot of calories and is good for building strong hearts. Strength workouts help raise metabolism and burn additional calories, even when one is not working out.

Home Exercise Equipment

There are many different types of exercise equipment that can help you lose weight. One option is to join a commercial gym which offers a range of equipment, plus personal trainers to help guide a workout routine. Another option is to purchase home equipment. Everything from handheld weights to exercise bikes is available for home use. Home purchases can actually save money in the long run over monthly gym fees, and eliminate the need to drive back and forth to the gym. It is also important to note that exercise is a key strategy for keeping weight off, so having equipment at home can be helpful in keeping up a routine long term.

Join A Support Group

It is important to have support throughout a weight loss journey. This is where joining a support group can be very beneficial. The members of the group can help motivate, share ideas, and help hold members accountable for sticking to their weight loss plans. There are support groups available in communities, as well as online. Many are free or charge a nominal fee for belonging to the group.

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