HiTrainer PRO High Intensity Training Treadmill - Commercial Grade

Hi Performance Treadmill
Hi Performance Treadmill
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HiTrainer PRO performance data allows coaches and trainers to individualize and track their athletes to improve sprint performance, address hidden weaknesses and gain that extra 1% competitive advantage. Customizable PRO evaluations, online interface and logging feature allow trainers to monitor progress and demonstrate development.

The HiTrainer superior conditioning power comes from positioning the user in a full-time drive phase position, to engage vast amount of core muscle mass combining it with maximum effort sprint interval training on a self-propelled running surface. The combination causes huge demand across the energy system, from the cardio-respiratory system to the mitochondria in the muscles.   

Most training facilities require up to a half an hour to complete their conditioning programs. HiTrainer PRO training achieves the results of a traditional 20-minute workout in only three to five minutes. When athletes get their conditioning that quickly, they can dedicate more time to sport-specific training.

The high-intensity HiTrainer PRO system features an innovative onboard touch screen tablet to provide real-time, precise data on physical condition. Specific measurements of speed and power outputs against various sprint and high-intensity interval workouts detail explosiveness, acceleration, fatigue and balance.

  • Evaluate athlete performance and physical condition
  • Instant, detailed feedback to make immediate adjustments
  • Monitor athlete progress and identify over-training
  • Develop training schedules based on results
  • Build athletic database for tangible comparisons
  • Efficient training reduces conditioning workload
  • Minimize risks of injury and errors in training modifications
  • Measure individual leg strength to identify imbalances
  • Track athlete rehabilitation progress post injury


  • Fully automated angle and height positions linked to each user account
  • Precise HiTrainer PRO electromagnetic resistance system provides automated resistance changes during training
  • Access to all training history data through dedicated web interface portal with additional analysis tools
  • Maximize HiTrainer PRO performance with secured access to software upgrades and educational video database
  • Direct access to HiTrainer development team link to create custom trainings that meet your needs; everything loads easily to tablet through Wi-Fi
Patented Technology:
  • The Drive Position recruits all muscle groups
  • Engages the posterior chain, the prime movers of forward propulsion.
  • Preferred position to achieve MAXIMAL intensity
  • Overall weight: 525 lbs. (238 kg)
  • Running surface: 61” x 23.5” (155 x 60 cm)
  • Dimensions: 108"L x 35.5"W x 63"H (226cm x 90cm x 160cm)
  • Step up height: 8" (20cm)
  • Display: Wireless 10” touchscreen color LCd
  • Chest pads: 100% antibacterial Silicon
  • Deck: Reversible 1” Russian birch plywood
  • Belt: 2-ply black pre-lubricated
Warranty:  Full Commercial:
  • 3-year all components, 1-year tablet, 1-year labor

Item Number: PRO
Full Commercial Rated