HiTrainer ATP High Intensity Training Treadmill - Commercial Grade

High Intensity Training Treadmill
High Intensity Training Treadmill
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The only non‑motorized treadmill that puts you in the Drive Position. A perfect solution for high intensity training to help create explosive power and acceleration.

The HiTrainer superior conditioning power comes from positioning the user in a full-time drive phase position, to engage vast amount of core muscle mass combining it with maximum effort sprint interval training on a self-propelled running surface. The combination cause huge demand across the energy system, from the cardio-respiratory system to the mitochondria in the muscles.   

The ATP is ergonomically designed to maximize the benefits of sprint training and high intensity interval training (HIIT). The Drive position recruits all muscle groups.

The self-propelled running surface features variable resistance from sub-normal (lighter than real running) for over-speed training and up to 300-pounds resistance for heavy-duty sled training.

Coaches and trainers who include the ATP in their program love its versatility - for conditioning, rehab, weight management or fitness evaluations - users can choose from walk, sprint, interval or sled protocols.

Patented Technology:
  • The Drive Position recruits all muscle groups
  • Engages the posterior chain, the prime movers of forward propulsion.
  • Preferred position to achieve MAXIMAL intensity
Real Time Data:
  • The only trainer that provides detailed information on accelaration, left and right power outputs, and precisely timed sprint.
  • Data can be used for performance training, therapy, rehabilitation, and MOTIVATION.
  • Easily detect imbalances and help prevent injuries
Scientifically Proven Protocols:
  • HIIT and Sprint training pre-programmed protocols
  • Different protocols guarantee muscle confusion and ability to avoid training plateau.
HiTrainer can be used for:
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Small Group Circuits
  • Sled Training
  • Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Evaluations
On Board Programs:
  • Warm-Up
  • Walks
  • Intervals (8 pre-programmed protocols)
  • Sprints (8 pre-programmed distances/times)
  • Overall weight: 425 lbs. (193 kg)
  • Running surface: 67” x 22” (170 x 56 cm)
  • Dimensions: 81"L x 32.5"W x 70"H (205cm x 83cm x 177cm)
  • Step up height: 5" (12.5cm)
  • Display: 7” color LCD
  • Chest pads: Durable Polyurethane with UV resistant integral skin
  • Deck: Reversible 1” Russian birch plywood
  • Belt: 2-ply black pre-lubricated

Optional Upgrade: ATP+ -  Adds Key Data on Power and Acceleration.

Employ all of the ATP features with a unique level of power and performance analysis driven by the addition of precise receptors behind the chest pads, an essential tool that enables personal trainers and strength coaches to train their clients to reach their full potential.

ATP+ is the only trainer that provides detailed information on speed, acceleration, peak power, time to peak power in Watts as well as left / right forces to detect imbalances.

ATP + has the capacity to provide additional data from load cells located behind the chest pads. ATP+ measures power outputs in Watts and Time to Peak (explosiveness) and Left / Right forces from your lower limbs.  These data are very useful to coaches and athletes that are looking to improve speed, acceleration, power and balance.

Warranty:  Full Commercial:
  • 3-year all components, 2-year display, 1-year labor

Full Commercial Rated