Health and Fitness Tips

Exercise Basics

What Weight Training Does For You

There are many benefits to weight training. It strengthens muscles, burns calories, and defends against diseases.

What is Cardio Exercise?

Cardio exercise refers to physical activity that elevates the heart rate and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Which Weight Machines Work Which Muscles?

Weight machines are easy to use, especially for beginners who are new to working out with weights.

At the Gym

Which Weight Machines Should Women Use?

Women of all ages and fitness levels can greatly benefit from using weight machines as part of an exercise program.

Which Weight Machines To Use At The Gym

People sometimes find themselves intimidated by the sheer number of exercise options that they have at the gym.

What is CrossFit Training?

CrossFit is a popular strength and conditioning program that is designed to improve overall fitness and performance.

At Home

How to Exercise At Home

The number one resolution in the United States every year is to become healthier.

Tools For Better Health

What Exercise Equipment Burns the Most Calories?

Working out with exercise equipment is a great way to burn calories.

The Best Exercise Equipment to Burn Belly Fat

Carrying extra weight around the middle puts people at higher risk of developing serious health problems.

Tips For Success

How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

The first step is believing that the battle can be won! The second step is replacing old habits with new, healthier ones.

What Fitness Equipment Is Best For Losing Weight?

There are two main types of physical exercise, and most categories of fitness equipment are geared toward one or the other.