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Hammer Strength Fitness Equipment

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Hammer Strength is one of the most recognized brand names in commercial gym equipment today. It is best known for its line of plate-loaded weight lifting machines that are a favorite of bodybuilders and athletes. Hammer Strength fitness equipment includes machines that exercise every part of the body – chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, legs, neck and calves.

Plate load machines, or leverage machines, combine the features of traditional weight machines with the free range of motion that free weights offer. The main difference is that plate load machines tend to be much safer to use. They minimize the possibility of injury by forcing the user to perform lifts with proper biomechanical form. By using fixed pivot points and safe lifting paths, users are also able to lift significantly more weight than they can with equivalent free weight lifts, making leverage machines a great alternative to free weight training with dumbbells and barbells.

In addition to Hammer Strength, there a number of competing brands that offer plate load machines for use by home users, institutional users, and commercial gyms. Many options are more affordable than the Hammer Strength brand. At American Fitness, we sell leverage weight machines from Body-Solid, Impact Fitness, SteelFlex, and Magnum Fitness. Consider the Triumph series from Impact Fitness and Plate Load series from Magnum Fitness as great alternatives to the Hammer Strength brand. Whether you are looking for entry level machines or the state of the art, we can help you find the right equipment for your health and fitness goals.