LPG Muscle Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller - Cable Attachment - Made in the USA

LPG Muscle Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller - Cable Attachment
LPG Muscle Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller - Cable Attachment
Item Number: GF-G/H-F
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LPG Muscle. Looking for insane grip strength? You have found it with the Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller. Easily attaches to cable machines and uses your dumbbells for weight resistance.

Baseball, softball, basketball, golf, tennis, hockey, boxing, wrestling, MMA etc. fact is there is not a sport practiced that couldn’t benefit from stronger, better conditioned forearms.  The problem is effective grip strengthening equipment has traditionally been seriously lacking in terms of performance.  But, that is all changed with the Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller.  The absolute fastest way to a lethal squeeze and tap out endurance ever created.  So brutally effective that 95% of athletes, bodybuilders, weightlifters who tried the “Freak” at the 2012 Arnold Classic, couldn’t even twist 7 1/2% of their bodyweight for 10 measly reps.  That’s correct, big tough 200# dudes getting humbled by 15# and the “Freaks” lethal efficiency time and time again.  It is proof positive that LPGmuscle has developed yet another patented game changer.

  • Patented roller unit cable suspension supports arms, roller unit, weight and exercise motion
  • Designed to attach to existing cable machine (lat pull, cable crossover, fuctional trainer, etc.)
  • Integrated dumbbell hook to load your dumbbells on
  • 600# load rated ultra thin cable promotes natural movement and dynamic force production
  • Patented Slip Grip” handles build grip endurance
  • Commercial grade construction
  • Made in the USA
  • Strengthens and conditions all major and minor gripping muscles
  • Builds extreme grip endurance
  • Encourages synergistic and natural grip force production
  • Conditions forearms wrist and hands for injury prevention
  • Dimensions: 24 × 4 × 4 in, 4.2lbs
  • Full Commercial grade with Lifetime replacement
*dumbbells not included
Item Number: GF-G/H-F