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Benefits of Free Weights Exercise

Free Weights

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There are many benefits to using free weights instead of weight machines. Of course, for the best strength training workout, you should incorporate both into your exercise routine.

When using free weights, your muscles are completely engaged as you both lift and balance the weight. Weight machines keep weights steady and moving in the proper motion, which enables you to lift heavier weights more safely. But, machines only allow you to move the weights in specific directions. With free weights, it is up to you to maintain proper form and engage your muscles to their fullest extent. This is why some feel they are critical to any weightlifting or bodybuilding routine. It is important with this type of exercise equipment to never lose sight of proper form. Since this type of equipment lacks some of the safety features of machines, using proper form when lifting will help you to avoid injuries.

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We sell many top brands including Body-Solid, Troy, USA Sports, and Champion. Additional equipment to consider depending on your level of fitness and training includes weight benches and power racks or smith machines. These enable an even greater number of exercises that can be done with your free weights. If you are looking for gear to build up your workout routine, we have what you want to increase your strength and stamina. See our full selection of exercise equipment - we have what you need for a great workout!

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