LPG Muscle E-Z Dip Dipping Belt (Plate and Dumbbell Holders) - Made in the USA

LPG Muscle E-Z Dip Dipping Belt
LPG Muscle E-Z Dip Dipping Belt
Item Number: EZDIP-HK-PL-HLD
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Designed for use with both dumbbells and weight plates. Makes weighted dips and pull-ups a snap.

Patented E-Z Dip is the world’s first and only dumbbell loading dipping belt.  A 450# load rated, speed loader that can easily keep pace with bodybuilder and athletic style workouts.  Put an end to tedious and painfully slow weight plate changes.  Just grab a dumbbell and go with E-Z Dip’s patented no drop hook design.  And never again struggle with uncomfortable hip slipping dipping belts.  E-Z Dip features a snap secure, pull tight belt buckle and plush hip comfort that will make sure your Lift more, Pull more, Grow more is right on time.

  • Patented Super “J” dumbbell hook
  • Optional E-Z Plate Loader
  • Snap closed, snug down waist buckle
  • 6mm Neoprene hip pads
  • Dual E-Z adjust chain hooks
  • 450# load test rated
  • Commercial grade
  • Made in the USA
  • Loads and unloads in seconds
  • Eliminates awkward and time consuming chain through weight plate loading
  • Zero belt slip on hips
  • Dimensions: 7 × 7 × 4 in, 1.6875lbs
  • Full Commercial grade with Lifetime replacement

Item Number: EZDIP-HK-PL-HLD