Stamina Fold-To-Fit Equipment Mat

Item Number: 05-0034
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This high quality equipment mat helps protect your floors from damage that workouts can inflict. Use the Stamina Fold-To-Fit Equipment Mat with almost any of your exercise equipment in any space. The closed cell foam material is tough yet soft enough to absorb impact, eliminate vibration, and stop carpet fibers from getting into the moving parts of your equipment. Ideal for stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, steppers, rowing machines, Pilates reformers, Gyrotonic® Transformer®, ski machines, BandFlex Home Gym, weight benches, and mini trampolines.
Product features:
  • Place under equipment to protect carpet and floors
  • Textured, non-slip pebble surface is easily cleaned
  • Size: 3' wide x 7' long
  • Divided into seven 12" folds
  • 1/4" thick closed cell foam material
  • Weight: approximately 7 lbs.
Recommended use: Use under exercise equipment to protect flooring, to add stability, and to absorb vibration and noise.
Material: Durable closed cell foam
Product color(s): Black
Resistance: n/a
Comfort elements: Sturdy to withstand use with cushion to absorb vibration and sound
Targeted training: Use with most exercise equipment like stationary bikes, rowers, treadmills, inversion tables, Pilates reformers, ellipticals, rebounders, weights, cross trainers and more.
Includes: One Fold-to-Fit Mat
Assembly: No assembly required
Item Number: 05-0034