Power Racks Build Stronger Companies: American Fitness Sees Growth in On-Site Gyms

Portland, OR - March 29, 2012 - It is no surprise that companies care about the health and fitness of their employees. But what many of them didn’t count on was an economic recession that required tough decisions on discretionary spending. On-site gym facilities, weight loss programs, and exercise classes, while still highly valued, became lower priority to more fundamental business needs. This was especially true of small and medium-sized businesses. American Fitness, a premier supplier of home and commercial fitness equipment, is beginning to see this turn around. In recent months, American Fitness has seen an increase in the number of companies reinvesting in on-site workout facilities. These companies are investing in their workforce by purchasing everything from popular exercise machines, such as treadmills and ellipticals, to full complements of strength training equipment, like dumbbell sets, power racks, and other weight machines.

It is well publicized that regular exercise is important for both physical and mental health. High-stress work and family situations, poor diet, and difficulty sleeping, all contribute to creating unhealthy lifestyles. Yet, whether the issue is time, cost, or motivation, many Americans still struggle to develop and maintain a regular exercise routine. This is where a workplace facility can make a difference. Most are free to employees or have a nominal monthly fee. They are convenient, making it possible to get in a quick weight training session in between meetings without having to drive back and forth across town. Lastly, just their presence can be motivating. It is much harder to make excuses for not exercising when there are top quality weight machines waiting to be used just a short walk away.

For employers, the benefits are a healthier and happier workforce that is more productive, too. Health insurance companies will sometimes reduce rates for companies that invest in fitness equipment for their employees. This in turn can be used to motivate employees to use the gym by offering savings on health insurance premiums. Proof that companies are experiencing these benefits is evidenced by the expansion of their purchases. Many years ago, a workplace fitness center might have had a single exercise bike or multi-station gym. Now, they are expanding this to include a broader range of exercise machines, including specialized strength training equipment, like weight sets, power racks, smith machines, and other weight machines.

“We are encouraged to see companies placing a priority again on getting fit,” said Ron Thompson, President of AmericanFitness.net. “The purchase of a power rack for a company gym not only helps employees build muscles, but also helps them reduce stress, lose weight, and achieve healthier lifestyles. All of this can have a positive impact on both the workforce and the bottom line.”

All types of companies can benefit workplace fitness centers. Obvious choices are offices with lots of sedentary jobs. But non-office workers, such as drivers who sit all day in a truck or other mode of transportation can also benefit from a centrally-located, company-provided place to exercise.

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