Muscle D Dual Ab and Back Combo Machine

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Ab and Back Machine – Dual Series | Muscle D Fitness

The Dual Function Ab Back Machine MDD-1005 provides a complete core muscle workout. It facilitates abdominal and back exercises to strengthen torso stability in one efficient unit. Dual function equipment enables you to save space whilst still offering a variety of workouts to your community. The range is ideally suited to hotel or residential condo facilities which are sometimes limited on floor area.

Its compact footprint doesn’t mean functional capabilities are compromised though – high-quality materials and thoughtful design ensure its durability will more than meet the demands of busy environments. You can be 100% confident that investing in our ab and back machine will serve you for years to come.

This unit can be used to target the abdominal muscles as well as the back. Core strengthening exercises are important to our everyday functional fitness, yet often neglected in favour of more prominent muscle groups. However this space-efficient combo provides two core exercise products within a single station, enabling users to get a balanced core workout with minimal hassle. The ab machine functionality provides an effective crunching action, whilst the back machine motion provides a counter-balanced workout.

Using a functionally correct cam pulley, the resistance is precisely controlled so that it’s properly exerted throughout the entire motion. Our Ab Back Machine features convenient foot restraints that can accommodate exercisers of different heights, proportions, and leg lengths. The pre-stretch range adjuster is situated on the cam pulley to ensure it’s easy to both enter and exit the machine.

  • Designed to train the abdominal and back muscles of the torso.
  • Anatomically correct cam pulley generates the ideal level of muscular resistance during the whole exercise motion.
  • Convenient foot restraints accommodate users of different heights, proportions, and leg lengths.
  • Effective abdominal crunching action combined with outstanding lower back strengthening.
  • Pre-stretch range adjuster is situated on the cam pulley for ease of entry and exit.
  • 150 lb solid steel, precision weight stack
  • 50” L x 36” W x 56” H, 425 lb
  • 127 cm x 92 cm x 142 cm, 193 kg
Warranty: Commercial
  • MOVING PARTS: 1-Year from the date of purchase including pulleys, bushings, ball bearings are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • CABLES & UPHOLSTERY: 90-days from the date of purchase. Old part must be submitted back to Muscle D Fitness at buyer’s expense for freight.
  • FRAMES & WELDS: 10-years from the date of purchase.
*Ships fully assembled

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Item Number: MDD-100
Full Commercial Grade