Reactor by Champion Barbell Dot Drill Mat

Agility Mat
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Reactor by Champion Barbell® Dot Drill Mat

Whether soccer players need to navigate around defenders while keeping the ball glued to their toes or point guards need to dribble around and evade block attempts on the way to the bucket, this Reactor By Champion BarbellÃ'® Dot Drill Mat is a great way to improve your teamÔ¼s foot speed, balance and reaction time on the court or field. During practice, guide players through a series of footwork drills, like figure eight or box formations, which are designed to strengthen important leg muscles and enhance speed so they can make the catch and shake off the defense when it counts.

  • Use the drill mat to improve athletes' foot speed and agility during sports training exercises
  • Rubber surface keeps feet from slipping during fast-paced footwork drills
  • Cushioned foam minimizes impact to keep feet and knees from tiring
  • Five contrasting-color dots support multiple footwork patterns


  • Dimensions: 48 1/2"L x 36"W x 1/2" thick

Item Number: 1301519