CrossCore System + Pro Kit - Rotational Bodyweight Trainer

Suspension Trainer
Suspension Trainer
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CrossCore® System + Pro Kit - The amazing CrossCore Bodyweight Training System with specialized straps and an independent D-ring for easier installation and removal of the CrossCore system in clubs, gyms, studios, rec centers, and in outdoor environments. CrossCore’s patented pulley system separates it from other suspended bodyweight products on the market.

  • Lightweight aluminum alloy
  • Increased main rope diameter
  • Easier locking and unlocking of pulley wheel
  • Color markings and audible clicks verify locking motion in progress and pin engagement
  • Rope Adjuster Device™ (RAD™) allows easy adjustment of handle placement and rope lengths

CrossCore System Package includes:

  • (1) Anchor Strap with adjustable cam buckle rated up to 1,800 lbs. (816 kg)
  • (1) Mountain climbing-grade rope rated up to 1,200 lbs. (544 kg)
  • (1) Rope Adjuster Device™ ergonomic design for soft grip fit
  • (2) Adjustable handles / foot and arm cradles with ergonomic grips and webbing rated up to 1,800 lbs. (816 kg), each having one heavy-duty climbing-grade carabiners rated up to 2,000 lbs. (907 kg)
  • (1) Heavy Duty canvas carrying bag
  • (1) Safety Hang Tag
  • (1) Starter Guide (1) Access Card (to access your mobile friendly CrossCore® Owner Guide and CrossCore® Videos online)
  • (1) Pro Kit:
    • (2) Club Straps - 14 in (35 cm) with anti-theft lockable carabiner and independent D-ring
    • Independent steel D-ring (for use with anchor strap)
    • Allen wrench

Unlocking Pin Engagement System allows pulley wheel to rotate freely and enables CrossCore® to act as a pulley machine by attaching a counterweight, such as a kettlebell, dumbbell or sandbag, to one end. Using two counterweighted CrossCore units spaced eight feet apart makes for one of the smoothest cable crossovers on the market.

Handles / foot and arm cradles clip in at the top of CrossCore® housing for exercises where the pulley is not needed or where handles heights higher off the ground are desired (knee raises and pull ups).

Rope Adjuster Device™ allows for true self-leveling handles / foot and arm cradles. No more readjusting the height of your handles in the middle of your workout.

Handles / foot and arm cradles pad the feet and arms when performing certain exercises like knee raises and hamstring curls. These cradles open and close for a snug fit on the hands and feet so the user won’t slip out while exercising.

Resistance for most exercises can be increased or decreased in \"micro increments\" simply by moving the feet forward or backward.

Optional Ceiling/Wall Anchor allows user to create an anchor point for the strap when one is not already available. (see instructions for mounting info BEFORE installing). 

Take it with you! Your CrossCore® system weighs about 4 lbs. (1.8 kg) and can go with you to the park, to the gym, on vacation or wherever for a change of pace, and it all fits into a convenient carry bag.

Pro Kit

  • Use one or two club straps to lock your CrossCore System at a desirable height for your club, gym, studio, rec center or in an outdoor environments
  • Combine the Club Straps with the Anchor Straps to easily set up your CrossCore systems in an environment with high ceilings or rafters


  • Shipping weight: 5lbs


  • Pulley Unit 2-Years
  • Everything Else 1-Year
Item Number: 4100-CC-360P