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Cheap Exercise Bikes

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Looking to to buy discount or cheap exercise bikes? At American Fitness, we can help you find a bike that offers both great value, as well as a good workout experience. We sell exercise bikes to meet all price ranges and pocketbooks.

We know that value and selection is important to our customers. We also know that cheap exercise bikes need to be cheap in price only, and not quality. That is why we search out bike manufacturers with a reputation for top quality materials and constuction. We sell all style of bikes, including recumbent, upright, and club training bikes used for high intensity workouts similar to those found in spin classes at top health clubs.

Exercise bikes are a great choice for cardiovascular exercise. They are easy on the joints and are suitable for beginning through advanced exercisers. They are often chosen by seniors or others with joint concerns as a comfortable and safe form of exercise. And on many exercise bikes, you can help pass the time by reading or watching tv. This makes the exercise more fun! When time seems to fly by, the workout goes by just as fast. When you enjoy your workout, you are more likely to keep it up!

Whether you want a discount exercise bike to replace your road bike or mountain bike on days that are too cold to bike outside, or to simply use as your main form of exercise, we have what you want at American Fitness. You do not have to be an expert cyclist to appreciate one of our bikes! We strive for the best in customer satisfaction and are happy to help by phone or email in selecting a bike that is right for you.